“Matt, a Misfit, had to have the calipers on his ’68 New Yorker rebuilt. After searching for a very long time he discovered there were no rebuild kits available anywhere, so his car was pretty much a very large static display!

During his Internet searching Matt discovered Bush’s. After explaining the problem, Steve said ‘no problem’, we can fix those. Steve bored the piston shafts out and re-sleeved them so they could use a commonly available caliper rebuild kit. In essence, Steve saved the New Yorker from being parted out or going to the junkyard

So, if you have a brake problem, any brake problem, give Steve a call. He and his staff can fix anything brake related!”

“I’ve been working on making a 1972 Mustang stop better and have been very frustrated with my own handy work.  These guys have been recommended repeatedly by other members of the Mustang Club of San Diego.  So I finally took their advice and had them give my Mustang the treatment.  They did a great job and didn’t break the bank either.  Thanks!”

                             – Don C.  (San Diego, CA)

“I have been using a Garage in Spring Valley, (the shop I use recommended Bush Power Brakes because they work on ABS Brake Systems) Also Ted and Mike at Ted’s Garage in Chula Vista recommended Bush Power Brakes. They only do brakes nothing else.  I had a problem with the Brakes on my wife’s van. 1992 Dodge Ram B-150 Van. The Abs warning light and parking brake  warning light came on. Then the front passenger side brakes (disk) looked up. We were in Chula Vista when this happened. Towed the Van to Bush Power Brake Service. Talked to Steve. He checked it out, and they  fixed the brakes.  That was in November.
Well with my luck I do not need enemies. The middle of December I am driving my 1995 F-250 truck. it’s raining of course, what happens, both rear brakes lock up.
The ABS module goes out. When I called Steve on the telephoned described what was happening he knew what was wrong he even told the Ford Motor Co. Part Number. Also he said he had one in stock. Ford Motor Co. wants $695.00 for just the part.{A Remanufactured part to boot.} I was able to drive my truck in and Steve and his mechanic Pat fixed my truck.”

                           – Patrick A. (Chula Vista, CA)

“My whole family has been going to Bush Power Brake for over 30 years, wouldn’t go anywhere else! We watched Steve Bush race professionally years ago. When I found out he had a Brake Shop, he got our business for life. Only takes a few minutes of talking to him to realize he knows his stuff! I’ve recommend him to all my friends & family.”

                           – Sandy M. (National City, CA)

“Needed a new brake line made from scratch, walked in, saw Steve, and walked out of there a happy customer.
All these guys do is brakes. They have been here for 35 years. I’m okay with a set of wrenches as I’m restoring my oldie, I walked in a Steve knew exactly what I was working with just by looking at what I had in my hand. He took what I had and fixed it right there. No waiting. Saved me some bucks and walked away with some knowledge.
The shop is clean and has a respectable old school vibe to it. Trust me, if you care about your car and need brakes done right, you found your place in San Diego.

Thanks again Steve”

                         – Alec D. (Los Angeles, CA)